Review of the Reservation System in India

Time has come to review the whole reservation system and make the required changes in it so that it gives benefits to the people who really need this arrangement.

We have seen long time debates in favor as well as against reservation system in India. Initially this arrangement was done in our constitution for a limited time period due to some specific reasons. While deciding the time period, it was believed that the purpose of this reservation system would be fulfilled in this decided time line. But this arrangement was politicized after the report from Mandal Commission.  As a result, this arrangement was kept in the same format without a must needed review of the merits and demerits of present system. Later the demand for reservation in promotions in government services got upraised and was accepted due to vote bank politics. Honorable High Court declined this arrangement of reservation in promotions as it was not justified in any point of view and was also against our Constitution. UPA Government as well as many opposition parties of that time had supported this new arrangement of reservation in promotions but it is unconstitutional and can not be justified. Now a complete review of the reservation system is needed to make the required changes so that it gives benefits to the people who really need this arrangement. Merits and demerits of the present system should be reviewed first to make the required changes.

While preparing Indian Constitution, it was made sure that the people who are deprived, financially weak, backward on educational and social background, neglected and are called untouchable in society, get opportunities for their progress and places in Government jobs, educational institutes, Parliament and State Assemblies etc. So an arrangement of reservation and free education was provided for a decided time period to help them in getting opportunities in these areas. Initial arrangement of reservation was required and was correct at that time. But timely review of this system was required so that the maximum people get its benefits and other financially weak people do not face any problems due to this. But it was not done so later the ill-effects of this system came in front of us.

  1. Once the person gets benefit of the reservation system, he/she is capable now. If the same person changes jobs many times and takes advantages of reservation system then he/she takes away opportunities from others from his/her own social category. People having lesser competency on educational back ground started getting advantages over the people having higher competency.  The person who once gets advantages of reservation is no more weak, backward or deprived and his/her whole family becomes capable. His/her children get better education and become more capable and competent as compared to the children of deprived people from the society and they get more opportunities and the deprived and weak children do not get benefits. Corruption in Government job’s appointments adds more problems for these deprived people because the people who are already competent and capable now are more successful in this current environment. So we have two categories in every caste and social category. One category is of capable and rich people and other one is of financially weak and deprived people. Families who became capable and rich after getting reservation will get more advantages in all future generations and those who could not take advantage of reservation earlier they will remain deprived. So it is necessary to review the whole reservation system and the person should get the advantage of reservation only once in his/her lifetime.
  1. The person who gets a job is no more deprived, weak or poor so there must not be any question of giving reservation in promotions to him/her. On the other side, this reservation in promotion has many disadvantages. If a junior person gets a higher post as compared to the seniors in his/her department, then first disadvantage is that the person having lesser competency and experience is on higher post and the person having higher competency and experience is on lower post. It will affect this whole system, structure of the Government departments. It will also affect mutual harmonization between workers and there will be reactions like showing disrespect to the seniors, lesser co-operation due to jealousy and the feeling of taking revenge. These things are not good for the nation and society.
  1. There is no point in giving reservations to the highly capable and rich people. It is injustice with the others who are deprived and socially and financially weak. Reservation should not be given to the rich and highly capable people so that the poor and deprived people from same caste and social category get the benefits and opportunity to become capable and prosperous. Family (i.e. children) of gazetted officer should not get this facility of reservation. Children of people having income higher than a defined level should not get reservation.
  1. Reservation is not correct in higher technical education. Only competency should be the criteria for it. Countries which are giving more value to skills and competency are developing on a faster rate as compared to others. For example, USA invites intelligent and competent students from all the countries in technical and management fields. They give scholarships to such students and also give job opportunities.
  1. Relaxation in Age criteria should be given only for those who are not getting benefits of reservation as they are facing hurdles due to reservation.
  1. Reservation based on religion is incorrect. It will increase communal conflicts and separatism in India and India will take a step towards another partition.
  1. Population is a problem in India now. It is increasing on a high rate. Political parties are not showing any interest to stop it due to their vote bank politics. All Government schemes that give financial benefits should not be kept available for the families having more than two children and at least it should not be available for the children born after the first two children of the family. “We should give birth and Government should take care of them and others should face problems due to them”, this thinking is not correct.
  1. There are many Government schemes that give loans on cheaper rates to the families from weak social and financial background, scheduled caste and schedule tribe. There is no defined limit of income for such schemes so all benefits are taken by the capable and financially rich people. Financially weak and deprived people are unable to take advantage of such schemes. So there should be a defined limit for the income of the people to decide whether the person really need these facilities or not. Similar to Poverty Line there should be a line defined for these benefits.

Reservation is not a fundamental right, it is an aid provided by the Government to help socially and financially weak and deprived people in the society.

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