An Open letter to Swara Bhaskar

Dear Swara Bhaskar, I recently got an email from that I should be signing your petition against the recent lynchings that happened in my country. The same petition was shared by another friend on mine on the social media and I must add that he has become very predictable about the content that he shares, mostly political.

Coming to the petition, I read the petition very carefully. It mentioned many lynchings but I was not able to find any mention of the lynching of Kashmiri DySP M. A. Pandit that happened outside a mosque in Kashmir. He also belonged to a helpless minority community just like Junaid did. What is the reason that you did not include Pandit in your petition? I am sure that the religion of the victim cannot be the reason because he was as good a Muslim as Junaid was. Or does it have to do with the religion of perpetrators of the crime?

The #NotInMyName campaign was said to be spontaneous. So I understand that your friends who organised it might have missed Pandit’s lynching case because of the less time they got. But when you draft a petition, you sit and gather all the data points. I am not sure how you missed it unless it was deliberate. You also missed the killing of Kartik Ghosh that happened in Basirhat Bengal. Also the killing of Sharat Madiwala in Mangalore. The hatred towards him was to such an extent that they did not spare even his funeral procession? What makes him worthy of such contempt? His affiliation with RSS perhaps? Association with RSS is doesn’t make him a criminal even though you and your intellectual ilk may want us to believe so. Even if RSS may want a Hindu Rashtra and may be on a mission to convert all Indians to Hinduism as your ilk says, it doesn’t make an average RSS activists worthy of being killed. There are many Christian missionaries in India and their sole aim is to convert all Indian to Christianity. There is Tableeghi Jamaat in India that wants to convert all Indians to Islam but that doesn’t mean that the activists of these organizations be killed?

So coming back to the point, do you want to select cases that fit some particular pattern. Or maybe the doesn’t provide you a facility of editing your petition. I would request you to start another petition with these victim’s names included else the agenda that you and your ilk hatch comes out in open. Makes it even easier for the common public to discredit you. And pay even lesser attention to your rants next time like I do to the stuff shared by my friend on the SM.